What is whiplash injury?

whiplash injury occurs when there is a sudden jolt to the head and neck for example in a car accident, which causes either a forward, backward, or sideways movement of the head that is beyond the normal range of motion.

What are the causes?

the  most  common  cause  for  whiplash  is  a  motor  vehicle  accident. whiplash injury often results from a rear-end collision. nevertheless it can occur as a result of a collision in any direction. other causes for whiplash injury include amusement park rides for example roller coasters, assault involving being punched, shoved, or shaken and also from a fall of significant impact.

How to prevent whiplash injury?

To help prevent whiplash injury in a car accident, headrests should be adjusted to the proper height for each person in the car and seatbelts with shoulder straps should be worn.

What are the treatments?

Treatments for whiplash injury include rest, ice and/or heat treatments, a cervical collar for usually for about 2 weeks and medications. physical therapy and occupational therapy are helpful which includes range of motion exercises, massage, electrical stimulation, and cervical traction.