What is a Synvisc Injection?

Synvisc comes from hyaluronan, a compound found naturally in joint fluid. Synvisc is a very elastic substance that’s used in viscosupplementation.

This substance may be injected into the knee joints to improve lubrication of the natural joint fluid and restore the vital cushioning of the joint. These injections are an approved treatment for osteoarthritis in the knee for individuals who are not responding to other forms of therapy, although research is still being performed to determine the effectiveness of the substance on other joints in the body.

Information About Synvisc Injections

  • Viscosupplementation is a treatment method that has been studied extensively since the 1970’s for use with osteoarthritis.
  • Synvisc was approved by the FDA in 1997.
  • Synvisc injections are usually given every 7 days for 15 days with a total of 3 treatments.
  • For best results, the diseased synovial fluid is usually removed from the knee before the first treatment session.
  • Synvisc is considered a form of therapy, not a drug or medication.