This is known at anterior  or runner knee pain, the most common complaint of pain in the knee with athletic.

Patellofemoral pain span all age groups and all sports and is aggravated by flexed-knee activities such as climbing stair, running and other strenuous activities. Aching pain behind the kneecap(patella). Pain begins and progresses slowly.


Problem Cause and Risk Factors:
–  Usually caused by the kneecap’s not “tracking properly.
–  Having physical problem such as leg length difference, thigh bone that turns inward, “knocking knee” or flat foot.
–  Lack of strength or flexibility in surrounding muscles.
–  Imblance in the leg muscles that causes the kneecap to be pulled sideways.
–  Overstress of the knee, as can occur in any running sport, such as jogging, sprinting,football, basketball or soccer.

Common Sign And Symptom
–  Soreness and aching pain or under the kneecap, especially on the inner side.
–  Rubbing or clicking sound may be heard.
–  “Giving way” at the knee(sometimes).


If the symptoms of runner’s knee don’t improve after resting for 2 -3 days, consult orthopaedic specialist immediately.