It is often commonly found in activities related to jumping and repetitive running. It is most common among basketball players and the injury might also be related to the overuse of the knee.

Common Symptom

The hallmark of patellar tendinitis is localized pain in the proximal portion of the patellar tendon near the lower part of the patella. The pain is aggrevated by either jumping or running. In some cases, the pain can be so severe that patients complain of discomfort while stair climbing and sitting. Swelling is usually not common and the remainder of the knee exam is normal.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are often carried out to reveal any changes in the proximal portion of the patellar tendon that are consistent with a partial tear or thickening of he tendon in chronic cases. In acute cases, surgery might be suggested upon completing of the MRI scan. For low-grade cases, physical therapy along with ice message might have some benefits.