The typical cause of a mild to moderate isolated medial collateral ligament (MCL) tear involves either a contact or non-contact injury with a valgus force directed at the knee. It affects those particularly from age 16 to 50 but interestingly it is uncommon in older aged people. Some exercises that are popular among the medial collateral ligament tear are skiing, American football, and soccer; Probably due to the frequent locking of both sides of their knees and a force pushes from the outer side of the knee toward the inner side of the knee.


Common Symptom

Patients often report hearing a pop or feeling of tearing sensation in the knee. The pain is typically emitted from the inner(medial) side of the knee, particularly the medial collateral ligament origin on the upper aspect of the knee.


The typical treatment for a low-grade medial collateral ligament injury can usually be managed by non-operative methods. For instance, physical therapy and wearing a medial-lateral sleeve to increase comfort. However, multiple-ligamentous injuries might require surgery. The recovery will usually take about three months if physical therapy along with caution care is exercised.