Commonly Asked Questions

Is it true with knee replacement that the metal becomes rusty and loose?

Metal knee replacements will absolutely not rust, although they will become loose after 20 to 25 years.

Will a strict exercise regiment cause damage to the knee cartilage?

The human knee naturally responds to the stress of strain and reacts accordingly. A good deal of exercise is important for strengthening the knee. Too little exercise, on the other hand, can cause damage and weakening of the cartilage.

I had an X-Ray that shows a pinched nerve (location: L4 and L5). Is treatment from a chiropractor recommended?

For many, chiropractors can offer good pain relief. If you find this treatment doesn’t work for you, physiotherapy is the best option.

I have bone degenerating on the L4 and L5 that’s causing pain. Should I have surgery?

Surgery should always be a last resort. It’s better to first try medication to treat the problem, along with weight management, lifestyle changes, rest, medication, orthopaedic physical therapy and injections. If no other treatment offers relief, surgery may be the best option.

I have weak knees. Should I wear a knee brace? If so, how often should it be worn? I’m concerned that a knee brace can lead to weakness in the muscles.

I recommend wearing a knee brace often if you find it comfortable, although you should remove it occasionally to see if you notice a difference. If you find the knee brace isn’t helping the problem, you can probably go without it.

I have extreme pain in my leg that’s causing mild bow legged-ness. Can this problem be treated?

This knee problem can be corrected through surgery as it requires straightening to both alleviate pain and improve mobility.

As a diabetic, will I experience any side effects during knee replacement surgery?

Diabetics do require more precaution during surgery, including care with antibiotics. No serious complications are expected, however.

How long will a knee injection last compared to knee replacement surgery?

Knee injections typically last for 4 to 6 months, although it depends on your individual reaction. Knee replacement surgery, on the other hand, lasts for up to 25 years.

How can I reduce stiffness in my neck?

This is a common problem that often results from working long hours at a desk. The best way to reduce stiffness is to maintain a good posture while you sit, exercise daily and reduce stress as much as possible.

I have a frozen shoulder. What causes this?

There are really no obvious causes for this condition, although many factors can aggravate it, including diabetes and gall bladder issues.

What can I do to prevent frozen knees or pain in my heels?

Stretching is one of the best exercises to alleviate this pain and discomfort, along with heel cups in the shoes, orthopaedic physical therapy and medication, when appropriate.